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1. Nitrate probe SPS-NO3  
Nitrate probe SPS-NO3 Robust and virtually maintenance-free single-parameter sensor (SPS) for measuring nitrate (NO3, NO3-N) Slim design (Ø 48.3 mm) for observation wells with minimum 3“diameter...
2. RDT module SlimCom IoT LR  
RDT module SlimCom IoT LR Remote data transmission via LoRaWAN™ technology The option to connect (modular system) SEBA data collectors with sensors for measuring water level, water temperature...
3. Brochure SLimCom IoT-LR  
Brochure SLimCom IoT-LR
4. Brochure Nitrate sensor SPS-NO3  
Brochure Nitrate sensor SPS-NO3
5. - Support-Document  
Support-Document Here you will soon find our handy support document - your checklist for field installations.  
6. ModCom  
ModCom External mobile modem with radio standard for connection to SEBA measurement data collectors type Unilog and Unilog-Light Compact and robust design, designed for use in all climate zones...
7. Brochure ModCom  
Brochure ModCom
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9. - Quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015  
Quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality requires the use of resources. To keep our performance at a high level on a long-term basis, we rely on high-quality material and skilled staff. This...  
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11. About Us  
A variety of innovations and product improvements characterise hydrometry of the recent years. New measurement methods and algorithms find their way into the sector and replace the technologies of...  
12. - Research projects  
Research projects  
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