White Paper: Image Processing for Flow Measurement

SEBA introduced DischargeKeeper methodology at the flotek.g 2017 Global Conference and Exhibition in India.

Flow measurement in rivers and channels.

In August 2017, SEBA introduced the DischargeKeeper as its newest solution for discharge measurement equipment to the audience at the flotek.g 2017 Global Conference and Exhibition. The event took place in Palakkad at the Fluid Control Research Institute, India. This year, flotek.g focused on “Innovative Solutions in Flow Measurement and Control – Oil, Water and Gas”. SEBA was proud to presented its paper on image processing methods for flow measurements in open channels and rivers. The method focusses on discharge, one of the most important parameters in the fields of hydrology and hydraulics.

You can download the White Paper here (PDF):

Hansen et al. (2017): “An Innovative Image Processing Method for Flow Measurement in Open Channels and Rivers.”; SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH & Co. KG; Kaufbeuren/ Photrack AG, Zurich.