22nd December 2021

Soil Moisture measurement

Not only a useful measurement in Agriculture but also widely used in Meteorology: the measurement of Volumetric Water Content (VWC). A little explanation…

Soil moisture measurements are known to be useful in Agriculture. It helps greatly to determine the irrigation schedule for crop. It is also known to be a helpful measurement when it comes to defining efficient use of fertilizers.

7th December 2021

Groundwater Nitrate Monitoring

Drinking water supply in many countries around the world is largely covered by groundwater resources. But groundwater is increasingly polluted with nitrate. One reason is the extensive practice of nitrogen fertilization in agriculture. In addition to mineral fertilizers, substrates such as liquid manure from livestock farms or biogas plants are used for the crops. Left-over nitrogen components, which aren’t degraded by plants at the soil layer usually percolate into groundwater as nitrate. Accordingly, more and more often the maximum permissible threshold of 50 mg/L nitrate concentration for drinking water in the EU is being exceeded.

1st December 2021

Automatic Weather Station: the perfect solution for remote monitoring

Monitoring weather and climate conditions is as important as the monitoring of water; it is all closely connected. In a perfect world it would be possible to predict any extreme weather conditions, risks of flooding, high wind conditions and storms. The more reliable historical data is available, the better the predictions will become.

16th November 2021


Worldwide there are around 2,5 billion people who are completely depended on groundwater for their basic daily water needs. Taken into account that groundwater provides drinking water for 50 % of the global population and that it is being widely used for irrigation, it is clear that groundwater is of great importance. In industrialized parts of the world, groundwater is being used by industries as cooling water or as process water.

25th October 2021

Precipitation measured the easy way

There are many rain-gauges on the market: all made to measure the precipitation in an accurate way. One of the world’s most used systems to measure the amount of rainfall is the rain-gauge that is based on the tipping bucket principle.

21st October 2021

Relative Pressure and Absolute Pressure

What is it? And when to use a Relative Pressure level probe and when an Absolute Pressure probe to measure the water level?

19th October 2021

How does EC relate to TDS and salinity?

EC stands for Electric Conductivity. A measurement that is very commonly used in groundwater measurements and in open water measurements.