1st December 2021

Automatic Weather Station: the perfect solution for remote monitoring

Monitoring weather and climate conditions is as important as the monitoring of water; it is all closely connected. In a perfect world it would be possible to predict any extreme weather conditions, risks of flooding, high wind conditions and storms. The more reliable historical data is available, the better the predictions will become. The WMO (World Meteorological Organization) is the organization that provides a framework for international cooperation for development of meteorology and operational hydrology. WMO provides recommendations to come to standardized systems and methods to measure so measurement results will be comparable wherever these measurements are being done.

We supply complete meteorological stations: built to your requirements and, if specified, according to WMO recommendations. In these meteorological stations, wind speed, wind direction, solar radiation, relative humidity and air temperature can easily be combined with precipitation measurements and other parameters like evaporation and soil moisture. All our sensors can be fully integrated so the measurement data will be grouped together and will be available according to your preferences: in our web-portal, on your servers or even in a third-party cloud solution.

Our Automatic Weather Station (AWS) can operate totally independent from any existing local infrastructure. With its own solar power supply and its own integrated (4G or satellite) communication it can send its measurement data automatically to any platform. Standard AWS solutions are available, but we can also tailor it completely to your specifications. Available with ultrasonic wind measurement or equipped with a (first-class) cup-anemometer? Your choice!

We love challenges and we will always assist you in defining the best possible solution for your specific situation: please contact our experts for more information.