Milestones at SEBA Hyrometrie

1967 Company registration of SEBA – Hydrometrie GmbH by Dionys Fröhlich, Wolfgang Marxer, and Dr. Iann in Kaufbeuren, headquartered in Lindauerstraße, Oberbeuren

1977 Dr. Iann leaves SEBA Hydrometrie.

1982 Relocation to Dessestraße, Neugablonz (approximately 35 employees)

1987 Installation of first digitally-controlled processing centre (13 tools)

1990 Company takeover by Wolfgang Zasche as managing director

1995 Company share takeover by Bernd Juppe and Karl Rudolf Düster

1995 Successful quality management certification DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

1996 Relocation to Gewerbestraße, Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz (approximately 50 employees)

1997 Installation of second digitally-controlled processing centre (36 tools)

1999 Establishment of Austrian sales office

2000 Establishment of Indian sales office

2003 Registration of Seba Hydrometrie Ibérica, S.L. as sales office in Spain

2003 Opening of the cutting/production centre in Dr.-Muschak-Straße

2003 Bernd Juppe leaves SEBA Hydrometrie

2004 Commissioning of the third processing centre (36 tools) in addition to a three-axis CNC milling centre

2007 Development of own data collection technology

2009 Purchase and installation of an automated storage lift for the modernisation of stock-keeping

2010 Structural extension of the building in the Gewerbestraße (development and sales departments)

2012 Introduction of occupational health and safety management protocols and successful certification by the Employer's Liability Insurance Association BG ETEM

2012 Majority share takeover by and concurrent appointment as managing director of Rudolf Düster

2013 Establishment of Scottish sales office

2014 Retirement of Wolfgang Zasche

2015 Renewed, successful quality management certification DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

2016 Re-Launch of the SEBA-Homepage (approximately 95 employees)

2016 Setup of new CNC milling centre

2017 Takeover of former long-term U.K. representative HydroKit as a basis for SEBA UK

SEBA Hydrometrie 50th Anniversary

It is 50 years since 1967, half a century of innovative thinking and progress that now lie behind SEBA Hydrometrie.

It may seem – particularly in such fast-paced times – that the value of consistency may pale in comparison to that of short term gains. Not so. To successfully manage a company for 50 years in such a highly specialised field, and over the course of these years, to place its products in more than 140 countries is indeed a proud achievement.

Furthermore, what characterises our company as a truly family-led enterprise, is the combination of ownership and management on the one hand, and our independence from the capital market on the other. And so, we can proudly state that SEBA Hydrometrie ranks within Germany’s successful and famous ”Mittelstand”. The key to this success? Consistent growth, sustainability and a forward-looking attitude.

The foundations of our company’s stability were laid at its formation: Our founding partners, Dionys Fröhlich and Wolfgang Marxer, dared to undertake the brave move to call SEBA - Hydrometrie Ltd. into existence. With a nose for the international market and the promise of providing German quality on the one hand, together with personal commitment, joy at development, and international sales acumen on the other hand they created the basis for the sustainable development of our highly specialised company. In tandem, they were able to drive the sales of SEBA products forwards and onto the international stage. It then became Wolfgang Zasche’s task to consolidate this legacy, to make the brand SEBA well reputed throughout the world, and to develop and bring to the market a new generation of products – from classic level-recorders to electronic monitoring devices – in addition to taking in hand the digitalisation of SEBA-technology. It was by these means, that the turnover of our company was quadrupled. An impressive achievement indeed.

Following my takeover of the company, I see myself in the tradition of our outstanding manging directors: to hone already trusted and proven technology and to stimulate new interest for our customers world-wide, as much with our new products as with a more service-oriented business approach. My aim: awakening the innovation potential at SEBA and to focus yet more strongly on providing integrated solutions. I am focusing on mutually supportive cooperation with effective partners in order to realise the complex tasks of our customers, and in addition, to utilise this wider expert knowledge.

I know that I can rely on my staff, whose motivation and individual expertise have always formed the backbone of our company. To me, our world-wide SEBA Family – extended through our international representatives – symbolises consistency and loyalty, a sense of community and collegiality, openness and tolerance, a thirst and curiosity for new ideas, and last but not least the desire to continually provide excellent quality services to our customers.

Shared goals, role models and values, in combination with the individual quality of every single staff member have made us what we are today: the world-wide leading, family-led enterprise in the domain of hydrometry. On this occasion, I wish to thank the staff – who have made this achievement possible – for the true spirit of cooperation and reliable industriousness they have demonstrated over long years. May fifty further exciting and successful years lie ahead of us!

Rudolf Düster
Managing Director, SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH & Co. KG