Project WSA Schweinfurt
Ultrasonic discharge measurement - 2005

In the course of the modernization of hydrological measuring sites under the responsibility of the Water- and Shipping Authority Schweinfurt, the Ultrasonic discharge measurement system Type "Fluvius TT" was installed at the water gauge Wuerzburg / Main.

The Employer chose the Ultrasonic Transit Time method as measuring principle. With this method the flow velocity can be measured continuously over the whole cross section.

There were two sites available where other Ultrasonic-Systems were installed before. After detailed examination, the former measuring site "Krupp Atlas - Flora 10" was chosen as place of location. It was possible to install the transducers at the existing foundations. The gauging house, for placing the Ultrasonic discharge measurement system, as well as the system for Water Level Measurement and the Remote Data Transmission System, already existed.

Project execution

At the chosen site the main stream runs parallel to the shore line. Therefore, the Ultrasonic-System was installed as a 2-level-, Single-Drift Construction. For Transmission- and Receiving-Frequency, 28 kHz Transducers were chosen to assure a reliable signal-transmission, also in times of increased suspension load and even in times of flood water.

The transducer bracket was mounted at the existing Ferro-concrete bar. In order to easily pull out the transducer for cleaning, a freight train was installed.

As the existing cables of the before installed systems were damaged several times over the years, new transducer cables had to be inserted over a distance of 1100m. For crossing the Main, an already existing sewer pipe could be used.

The Ultrasonic-System was installed in two levels. Thereby it was possible to assure that even in times of a system-blackout or damage of one of the two levels, the remaining one can continue measuring. The decision to install two levels proved to be right after only a few weeks. On 11th November 2005 the first level was damaged through a shipwreck. Despite this outfall, it was possible to continue measuring using the second level.


The measuring results can be clearly displayed and analysed using the software "FlowVisionDB" . The software can be operated at site or by remote maintenance.

Some Features
    • Display of up to 15 parameters
    • Display of user-defined parameters (e. g. discharge, flow velocity, water level, signal quality etc.) 
    • Zoom-Function (up to 2 min. values) 

Through the innovative, digital signal processing of the Ultrasonic-System, correct measurements can be achieved, even in difficult areas.

Using the software "FlowVisionSA"  the user can analyse the current system status quick and easy, at a glance.

SlimCom and SlimLogCom

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